PowerSchool is an online study data system.  By creating a PowerSchool account using the access information provided by the school you can check your student’s grades from home.  These grades should be updated once a week but do not expect something that was tested on Monday to necessarily be posted to PowerSchool by Wednesday.  Updating grades more than once a week is up to the discretion of the individual instructor.  This may exclude some project based classes that may not necessarily have an assignment every week.

Parent Portal


Teacher Portal






PowerSchool on your Mobile Device

PowerSchool does offer apps for your mobile devices to check student grades for if you are an instructor to post grades.


1.  Go to the App store and search PowerSchool or PowerTeacher

2. Choose to Dowload teh app from the App Store (the app is created by Pearson)

3.  Once downloaded open PowerSchool or PowerTeacher

4.  For current location choose Don’t Allow

5.  Go into settings and click on Server

6.  Put in munich.ps.state.nd.us

7.  For the Port number put in 443

8.  Make sure SSL is Enabeled

9.  Go back to Login

10.  Enter your username and password

11.  Select a school  and Click Login