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My name is Daniel Ludvigson and I am the principal of Munich Public School.  Under my other duties as assigned are Response to Intervention Coordinator, 504 Coordinator, Transportation Coordinator, Senior Class Advisor, and resident Art Instructor.  I grew up in Madison, MN.  I played football and wrestling in high school.  I was an active member of 4-H and an ambassador for the Garfield Pacers 4-H chapter.  I attended Lac qui Parle Valley High, a school literally located in a corn field with its own windmill.  I am married with 3 lovely children.  Currently I attend taekwondo classes at the ATA studio in Devils Lake.

I have been in the educational field for nine years.  Five years as a classroom instructor and four as an administrator. Eleven years if you count my time at the Red River Valley Academy in Moorhead as a classroom aid who also taught and developed their art curriculum.   I’ve worked with kids ages PreK-12 in different combinations during this period of time.  I am a believer in Student-Centered instruction and believe every decision in a school should be made with the best interests of its students in mind.

My phone extension is 206.