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► What you should know about school starting after Labor Day- see "Measure 8" in News Articles
► Fall Concert:  Tuesday, November 4th at 7:30 

No School Tuesday, November 11- Veteran's Day
Class Play: Friday, November 14

Meet the Class of 2015!

(From left to right) Kaylee Anderson, Elyssa Zimmer, Kari Hoffmann, Tyler Klein

Athletes of Munich High 

As we start the 2014-15 school year we begin our first year as a full co-op with Langdon Area. Many Munich high school and junior high students are involved in fall sports. Serving it up on the volleyball court for high school are Kaylee Anderson and Jordyn Worley; Marisa Peebles, Hanna Haider, Coty Harder, Adrienne Darling, and Callie Perry are the junior high players. The Langdon Cardinal football team would not be complete without the two Munich high school players, Chase Peebles and Braden Harder. Blaine Perry, Brett Myers, and Logan Harder are the junior high football players. No sports team would be complete without their cheerleaders. Next time you are at a game, be sure to watch for Haley Haider and Karlee Myers in the red uniforms cheering on the team. You are sure to see Ben Lagein running in Cross Country this year as well. Good luck to all Munich sports participants!


2015-16 Prospective Calendar
This is the potential result of school starting after Labor Day.
Sept 3 Local Inservice
Sept. 8 First Day of School
Sept. 7 Labor Day--No School
Oct 1 P/T Conference
Oct.  15-16 NDEA Instructional Conf--No School
Nov 11 Veteran's Day--No School
Nov 27, 28 Thanksgiving Break--No School
Dec 23 Last Day of School Before Holidays
Jan 4 School Resumes
Jan 18 NESC Devils Lake-No School ?
Feb 4 P/T Conference
Feb 5 P/T Conf - Make-up Day
March 24 P/T Conf - Make-up Day
March 25 Good Friday--No School
March 28 Easter Monday--No School
June 3 Last Day of School
June 5 Graduation  
Munich, North Dakota is a small rural community located on State Highway #20 in the northeastern part of the state.  It is noted as a prime agricultural area producing large amounts of wheat, barley, canola, and soy beans.  Located on the central flyway, Munich boasts tremendous waterfowl hunting.  The Munich Magicians produced many quality athletic teams over the years.  Munich School is now cooperating with Langdon Area Schools in all sports.
Phone:  701-682-5321
Fax:  701-682-5323
Mailing Address:  PO Box 39
Physical Address: 410 7th Avenue
Munich, ND 58352